Thursday, May 14, 2015

Decisions without action....

A real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided. - Tony Robbins

Decisions without action are preparations for living without living. We need to act to experience life. We either make things happen or let things happen to us. Here’s how Edward Rickenbacker (1842 ~ 1914) expressed why follow through is important, “There’s a six-word formula for success: Think things through, then follow through.”

Often, the cause of inaction is the fear of failure. But isn't it better to try to do something and fail than to try to do nothing and succeed?

So what is it that you are afraid of?
What is keeping you from acting on your decisions?
What is it about your desires, your wishes, your hopes that have you so afraid to take that first step and make them happen?

Failure will grip tight and hold onto you for as long as you give it power. Self doubt will plague your soul, and fill you with regret if you let it. What would be worse? To possibly fail at the task you know you want to try, or the longing knowledge that you never even tried? I know that I would rather fail 1,000 times than to go through life never even trying and always looking back saying "I wish I had tried that... at least once."

Shouldn't today be the day that you finally "GOT UP AND TRIED!" ?

Make a list of your hopes and dreams. Then pick the one that is most important to you, and just do it. Pick one item from your list a week, or even 1 a month and just try. Regardless of the outcome, at least you 'll know you finally tried. "True" Success can only come from repeated failures. Its by failing that we learn, and grow stronger. You won't always fail, but unless you try, you'll never win either.

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